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April 1, 2021

Uzbekistan HR Slitting Machine 0.4-4.0x1600mm Latest Situation

Main Technical Parameters:
1. Steel coil specification
(1) Suitable material: plain carbon steel, hot plate.
(2) Material thickness: 0.4mm~4.0mm.
(3) Material width: 500-1500mm.
(4) Coil diameter :(feeding) 460- 520mm.(unloading )480-508mm.
(5) Coil O.D: φ1800mm (maximum).
(6) Coil weight: 15T (maximum).
(7) Slitting speed: 0-100m/min.

2. Product parameter:
(1) Coil I.D:φ 508.
(2) Coil O.D:φ1800mm.
(3) Shear width tolerance: ± 0.02mm (1.5mm plate thickness shall prevail)
(4) Straight line accuracy(Sickle bend):: ≤1mm/m (1.5mm plate thickness shall prevail, and the plate head and tail shall not be counted within 10m)
(5) Shear burr: minimum 0.05mm (5% plate thickness)
(6) recoiler surface uniformity: ≤2mm.

3.Other parameter:
(1) Power supply:380V/50Hz/3PH。
(2) Installed capacity:280KW〔about〕。
(3) Slitting type: drive.
(4) Recoiling :Sunken recoiling.
(5) Equipment installation horizontal tolerance: ± 0.2mm
(6) Blade swing tolerance: ±0.02mm (Assembled in a Slitting knife holder)
(7) Floor area: length 23m× width 8m

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