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SS Tube Mill BS-60

SS Tube Mill Machine Manufacturers In China.


SS Tube Mill Machine Manufacturers In China

SS Tube Mill

Main Technical Parameter




BS-60 Industry Stainless Steel Pipe Making Line

Pipe diameter (mm)


Pipe thickness (mm)


Welding speed

0.5mm-5meter/min adjustable

Speed control

Frequency stepless speed regulation

Source voltage

3 phrases 380V、3ph、50Hz,control voltage:24VDC.

Main driving motor

Front drive 15 KW,rear drive15 KW.     Total power(KW):39 KW

Gear box

Hardened gear R gear box.

Speed reducer

QiangzhuWP series 90 worm gear reducer

Thickness of the base top panel

30mm thick,material: 16Mn steel

Thickness of the base side board

12mm thick, material:steel Q235

Completed length of the line

20-29m long *1.3 width

Process flow: steel strip check→power press uncoiler→strip leveling→3vertical & 3 horizontal rollers to form the pipe→welding→3 vertical rollers after welding→lead to sizing→reforming I→reforming II→press the welded seam→sizing I→inside seam leveling→outside seam grinding→sizing II→solid soluted→sizing II→eddy current testing→straightening→length measuring→CNC cut off→auto run off→inspect→pack(some is optical as buyer’s demand)

Tube mill main component : 


SS Tube Mill Manufacturers In China

2.Forming unit

3.Horizontal frame

4.Welding gun rack

SS Tube Mill Machine Manufacturers In China

5.Grinding stage

SS Tube Mill Machine Manufacturers In China

6.Straightening unit

SS Tube Mill Machine Manufacturers

7.Auto measure round blade cutting unit

8.Auto run off rack


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