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Sheet Metal Cut To Length With High Accuracy BSCL-(3.0-12.0)x2000mm

Automatic Cut To Length Line Manufacturers For Sale In Vietnam.


Automatic Cut To Length Line Manufacturers For Sale In Vietnam.

steel coil cut to length line

Ⅰ. Main data:

1.suitable material: σs≤400N/mm2, HR carbon steel

2.strip thickness: 3.0-12.0mm

3.strip width: 300-2000mm

4.machine net feeding width: 2150mm

5.coil I.D: Ф500mm-Ф760mm

6.coil O.D.: Ф1000mm-Ф2000mm

7.coil weight: ≤30T

8.stacking length: 1000-12000mm

9.to length accuracy: ≤±1.5mm/3M

10.diagonal accuracy: ≤±1.5mm/3M

11.leveling accuracy: ≤2.5mm/m2 (for regular coil only)

12.line speed: 0-30m/min, adjustable 

         (shearing qty.: 3 nos./min, with length 6000mm)

13.total power: 220KW

14.machine central height: 800mm 

15.power supply:as per user

16.feeding direction: as per user

Ⅱ.  Component part

1.hydraulic coil car

2.hydraulic uncoiler

cut to length machine china

3.hydraulic snubber roll & shovel

cut to length line manufacturers in vietnam

4.feeder& pre-leveler

cut to length line manufacturer india

5.roller worktable

6.side guide

steel cut to length line india


steel cut to length india

8.pneumatic length control device

cut to length machine wiki

9.last sheet feeder 

cut to length line for used for sell

10.hydraulic shearer


stainless steel cut to length line


13.material platform

14.stacking device

cut to length line india

15.hydraulic & pneumatic system

hydraulic pneumatic system

16.electrical control system

electronic roll cutting machine


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