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High Speed Cut To Length Line Machine(3ⅹ1500)

High Speed Sheet Metal Cut To Length Machine Process.


High Speed Cut To Length Line (3ⅹ1500)

programmed by PLC, encoder setting length & then auto cutting. Line speed can be adjusted. Fully automatic production line, easy operating & high efficiency & high speed cutting. Can meet huge productivity. Is best choice for metal steel processors.


·High quality on leveling

·High Cutting accuracy

·High precision cut to length control.

·Perfect stacking.

·Delightful man-machine interface.

·Easy & simple maintenance.

·High efficiency production.


Technical Data:


CR/HRC/stainless steel /galvanized ……

thickness of coil plate:


width of coil plate:


coil weight:


coil I.D:


coil O.D:


Stacking length:


length cutting accuracy


diagonal accuracy:


leveling accuracy

1.5mm/m2for regular coil only



line speed



Main component of high speed steel cut to length line machines:

1. hydraulic coil car

2. hydraulic double expanded uncoiler   

3. snubber roll & peeler coil entry table   

4. leveler                            

5. loop pit            

6. side guide                     

7. servo length control leveler          

8. high speed mechanical shearer

9. convey table

10. pneumatic stacking

11. unloading table

12. hydraulic pneumatic system

13. electric control system



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