Bending Machine Common Electrical Failure

Please stop the bending machine immediately then repaire the machine when you find the Motor vibration& noise & abnormal situation.

Axial channeling move will decrease the interaction of stator and will decreases the loading ability of bending machine motor,Round-trip ran,it will makes the unstable current of frequency converter,to shorten the life of the frequency converter.Round-trip ran also can shorten the life of bending machine bearing,especially when high speed running,bendingmotor shaft jump Activity makes originally should not be relative movement of the binding site of a gap larger,to make Make motor vibration and noise,to shorten the life of bending machine.DNC60 or DNC600 CNC system screen no display & Plate bending rolls show gray programming key light flicker,Problem Solution as follow:

This kind of failure is mainly due to the system operator didn't empty the unused product program effectively and timely when product programming operation,and Directly modified in the last working procedure.To repeated many times to cause the buffer memory program stuffed,to And make the system program can not run normally.First to cut off host power, press and hold both of “+ +” and “- -”.then open power,to make the system into initial states,to input before the project which you need to empty,"1" means empting the project,after inputing "817",to press the Enter key to confirm,the screen will prompt you "executed" for the empty content has been finished.

Due to the grating ruler reading head connection loose parts,to reading head can not coincide with the reference point of grating ruler & the stroke of cylinder has run out at this time,Oil pump is in the work load condition.If due to this reason,you need to press the red button of numerical control system to stop,to stop and back to reference points,to Reconnect the correction the connection plate of grating ruler.,then enter into the manual mode,make block hand down, to enter into the manual or semi-automatic mode working condition when Block and lower die coincidence.

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