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Automatic Coil Slitting Machine BSSL (3-12)x2000mm

The HR Slitting Line Is Automatic Machine With Operate Easily And High Productivity,China Manufacturers Low Price Sale In India Raw Material Is Hot Steel,Stainlesssteel,Aluminum,Pickle Steel Etc.


Automatic Coil Slitting Machine BSSL (3-12)x2000mm

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Ⅰ. Main technical data

1.     Suitable material: YS≤450MPa, UTS≤600MPa HR carbon steel

2.     suitable slitting thickness: 3-12mm

3.     suitable slitting width: 800-2000mm

4.     suitable coil I.D.: Ф508-Ф760mm

5.     suitable coil O.D.: Ф1000~Ф2200mm

6.     suitable coil weight.: 35T

7.     slitting width accuracy: ±0.3mm

8.     slitting speed: 0-40m/min

9.     slitting shaft dia.: Ф320mm

10.    blade size: Ф320×Ф480×40mm

11.    blade material: H13Ni2

12.    blade hardness: HRC54-56

13.    slitting nos.: 3-6mm: 15pcs; 7-9mm: 8pcs; 10-12mm: 4pcs

14.    min. slitting width: 85mm

15.    recoiling I.D.: Ф760mm

16.    recoiling loading weight: 35T

17.    total power: ~580kW

18.    central height: 900mm

19.    Slitting Machine occupied area:LXW≈38x10x4.0M

20.     feeding direction: as per user

21.    power supply:415V 50HZ 3PH.


Ⅱ. Process

Coil moving—uncoiling—guiding—pre-leveling—cutting—side guide— slitting—storing—scrap recoiling—damping—separating—recoiling—coil convey out (hydraulic & pneumatic system, electric system)


Ⅲ. Component

1.     material platform

2.     hydraulic coil car

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3.     hydraulic double cone uncoiler

automatic slitting machine

4.     hydraulic snubber roll

Automatic Coil Slitting Machine

5.     Pre-leveler

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6.     hydraulic shearer

coil slitting machine

7.     scrap car

8.     roller worktable Ⅰ

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9.     side guide

10.      pinch rolls

BSSL-12X2000- (8)

11.      slitter

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12.      roller worktable Ⅱ

13.      scrap recoiler 

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14.      hydraulic loop pit

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15.      damping tension unit

slitting and rewinding machine

16.      separator unit

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17.      recoiler

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18.      hydraulic unloading coil car

19.      hydraulic system

20.      electric control system


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